by Erin, Elodie, Audrey, Alexandra & Millie

On Monday we went to Airfield Estate on a spring tour. We went on the Luas. The first thing we saw
was the Overend’s house. The house looked very fancy from the outside. When we went into the
sitting room we saw a rocking horse, family tree, old clothes, old photographs and a doll house.
After that, we ate our little break. Then we went out to see the farm. We got to see chickens and
roosters. We even got to go inside the coop with them and look at their eggs. I counted 13! Then we
went to see them being milked by machines. The cows that were being milked were numbers 77 and 99. There were some cute calves too. Next, we saw the donkeys eating grass and after we had lunch on the grass under lots of big trees, perfect for climbing.
We finished lunch and went to see the pigs. They were happily lying in the dry mud. From there we went onto see tadpoles in the pond. We saw them wriggling in a jar. Our guide then lead us to a big patch of grass and brambles for a bug hunt. I found a woodlouse and a ladybird. We got to put the bugs we found in magnifying jars. Before we left we all got a go on the zip line but we could only have one go. We all had a super day.