Places are at all times subject to availability.

Applications to the Junior School should be made using the Application Form, which may be downloaded below. A separate Application Form is required for each child. You may also write to or phone the school and an application form can be emailed to you. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

A child must be four years of age by 31 May of that year to enter Junior Infants.

Completed Application Forms, accompanied by an €50 non-refundable registration fee, are dated when received and placed on the class waiting list for the year of entry. This means your child is placed on a general waiting list. It is important to apply early, as places are limited and priority for places, subject to the priority listing, is based on the date of receipt by the school of your application. (Priority listings may be found below and in our Admissions Policy on the website.)

An acknowledgement will be sent by the school on receipt of completed application forms and registration fee.

You will be invited to an ‘Open Morning’ for the parents of prospective pupils during the Autumn term of the year prior to when they are due to join us. On this day, parents will have the opportunity to view and learn more about the school and to meet the staff. Parents will then be required to confirm their interest in securing a place for their daughter. The first round of formal offers is allocated in the weeks following this meeting. To accept this offer and secure a place, the school must receive a written letter/email of acceptance from the applicant, together with a non-refundable booking deposit within two weeks of the date of the formal offer. If all vacancies are not filled, a second round of offers is issued and the same procedure will apply.

In the event that a place should occur after this date, those next in line on the waiting list will be offered the place.

Pending availability and subject to the child being properly registered, the school will apply the following selection criteria in the order listed below:

  1. Available places in the school will first be offered to children who have sisters attending either Loreto College Junior School or Loreto College Senior School.
    1. Children of staff members of either school.
    1. Daughters or granddaughters of past pupils of the school.
    1. If there are any remaining places, these will be offered to applicants in the order in which such applications are received.
    1. The Board of Management reserves the right to give priority to children over and above criteria (a), (b), (c), (d) where, in the opinion of the Board, such priority is justified. This priority can be based on compassionate grounds or exceptional circumstances.

Waiting Lists will be determined in accordance with the criteria for enrolment.

Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, those children who do not receive places are placed on a waiting list. Places are allocated to children in accordance with their place on the waiting list as they become available.

The policy that will apply to any application shall be the policy that is in place at the time when an offer of a place rather than an application for a place is made.

For further information, please see the LCJS Admissions Policy below.