General Information


  • The School Secretary will deal with all issues in relation to fees. She is contactable at the School number: 6618181 between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday during term time. During holiday time phone messages and emails are checked regularly. The secretary’s email is:
  • We have a number of options for the payment of fees. Fees may be paid in full on or before the end of August. Fees may also be paid in two instalments (August and January). They can also be paid by standing order over 9 months. Please use your child’s name as a reference in all payments.


  • You will need to provide your child’s birth certificate and Personal Public Service (PPS) number if applicable.
  • Any changes in address/phone/circumstances should be notified to the office immediately so that your contact information can be updated.
  • Parents of all new students will be asked to fill in the forms as required by TUSLA. They must also provide an original birth certificate in September.

At Home

  • Homework should be completed as soon as possible after the end of the school day, preferably in a quiet area and after a small snack. Parents should monitor this work and should sign the homework journal every evening when the homework has been done to the best of the child’s ability.
  • Please institute early bed times during the week – even for the older children.
  • We recommend that Playdates should be limited to weekends.
  • Parents should closely monitor the internet activity of their child as well as their mobile phone usage. We do not provide permission for any photo of any school event/outing etc. to be uploaded to Facebook or other social networking sites.

In School

  • Punctuality is a life skill, which we would like to instil in the children. Parents’ cooperation in this area is essential. Children should be in class by 8.55 am. Please be advised that your daughter will be marked absent once the school roll is taken, early in the morning.
  • School ends at 2.45 pm (1.45 pm for Junior and Senior Infants) and the children must be picked up at that time and no later.
  • A written note, signed by a parent is required for each absence, permission to stay indoors at PE or break times, to explain incorrect uniform, to explain incomplete homework etc.
  • If your daughter is unhappy about anything, please encourage her to talk to her teacher or to Ms Hogan. Unresolved issues can lead to more upset later. It is important that your daughter knows that she can speak up for herself in our school and we encourage this approach. This will always require your support and understanding.
  • Full and correct uniform should be worn for the appropriate day as advised. Jewellery, make up or nail polish are not allowed. Small, stud earrings may be worn and any neck chain must be worn inside the blouse. Hair must be tied back at all times using a plain bobbin, hair-band or simple slides. Bandanas are not permitted.
  • Mobile phones should be left at home. If, for special circumstances, a mobile phone is brought to school for that day, it must be turned off and left in the school bag at all times or handed in to the office. The girls have access to the school phone if the need arises. Valuable items should not be brought to school.
  • Scooters may not be brought onto the school premises.
  • We encourage a healthy eating policy for parents in preparing lunches for their children. No sugar or salt laden foods should be included. Nuts should NEVER be included as some children will have severe nut allergies. Good table manners, while eating, are naturally expected.
  • Birthday and other party invitations may be sent out through the class ONLY if everyone in the class is invited. No other items should come through the class for dissemination.


  • If your daughter is ill keep her at home. Give her 24 hours to clear a bug.
  • Head lice are a common feature in all schools. If you detect them, do not be embarrassed but let us know immediately. We will issue a letter or text to the entire class stating that there is a case and that everyone should check and if necessary, treat, their daughter’s hair.
  • No member of staff can be authorised to give medication to any child in school unless by specific and exceptional prior arrangement.
  • If your child has any medical or health issue it is important that you keep us fully informed.


  • Make sure ALL items of uniform and school equipment are clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • In the mornings we request that parents do not stay in the classrooms, or wait to chat to the teachers as they enter their classrooms. The children should be allowed go to their classrooms on their own in the mornings. This is to encourage independence.
  • Teachers are always willing to meet parents by appointment. Communication on any issue with members of the school staff will be conducted in a respectful manner at all times.
  • It is important that the class teacher is made aware of any special circumstance, family or otherwise, which may affect a child’s behaviour in school. All such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.