Trip to Marsh's Library & St. Patrick's Cathedral

Trip to Marsh's Library & St. Patrick's Cathedral
Drawing by Ruth, 4th Class
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 10:00 - 12:00

First we went to Marsh's Library, it has 10,000 books. The book covers were made from animal skin, wood and parchment. The library was privately owned by Edward Stillingfleet then Archbishop Marsh bought it for £2,500 which was alot of money back then about 300 years ago. The books are super old some so old they had to be bound in white or brown cotton ribbon. The oldest is 543 years old. One case showed books where people doodled on the books and some famous people had written things on the books so they became priceless.

Then we went to St. Patrick's. We were split into 3 groups. My tour guide was Ciara. She told us one of the stones we were standing on was the well where St Patrick baptised people into Christianity. We learnt about the Fizgeralds and Butlers. We learnt about people who were buried under the cathedral in its walls and outside.

By Beth, 4th Class