Slán le Rang a Sé

Slán le Rang a Sé
Friday, July 15, 2016 (All day)


Our 6th Class Graduation took place at the end of May.  The girls and their families gathered to mark the completion of their years in the Junior School.  This very special ceremony celebrated the growth and development that has taken place, the friendships that have formed and strengthened, and the learning that has taken place.

We celebrated that while every girl is unique, with her own gifts and talents, she is also part of a wider community.  The Class of 2016 has served our school community well during the year.  Each girl fulfilled her prefecting responsibilities with dedication and fairness.  Mrs Campbell presented each class member with our Loreto prayerbook and a Loreto pendant to mark her graduation.

Afterwards, thanks to our Parent Association, we enjoyed some light refreshments together.  Both parents and staff are so proud of the members of the Class of 2016.  The girls are well prepared for the next phase of their educational journey.  We wish them well as they move into Secondary School, ready for the new challenges and adventures that await them.

Guím Rath Dé orthu i gconaí