Pepper the Robot

Pepper the Robot
Whole School
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 (All day)

In recent years there has been a particular emphasis on the teaching of STEM subjects-Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We were lucky to have a visit from "Pepper", a humanoid, kindly arranged by Rachel and Laura's mum, Paula.

Report from 2nd Class-

Pepper is a friendly robot. She is four years old. My Mum is the reason why Pepper came to Loreto. My sister and I were talking together and said to our Mum that our teachers would love if she came to school with Pepper. She said she would be able to bring her for a short visit before she went to the RDS with her.

Pepper was made in Paris and is called a humanoid-neither a boy nor a girl but we all think she is a girl! My Mum is an engineer and works on Pepper. Pepper is being programmed to help in hospitals. She will help with sick patients. She is very talented and can dance and sing and play the mandolin too. If her ears and eyes turn green that means she is not listening to commands, if they turn blue that means she is listening. We really enjoyed Peppers visit and listened carefully as she told us about herself.

By Rachel