Paired Reading

Paired Reading
5th Class read to Junior Infants
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 15:31


Before break, Ms Ferry told us there was surprise for us after break.  We ate our lunch and went out to play.  When we came back into the classroom, Miss Ferry told us what the surprise was.  We were going down to Junior Infants to do paired reading!  I was so ecstatic.

We walked down to Junior Infants.  Laura G and I were put with Molly.  She was very cute.  We started reading a book called "Slobcat".  Before we read "Slobcat", we told Molly what an author and an illustrator was.  Then we started reading it.  it was about a cat and he was very lazy.  After we had finished the book, I asked Molly who her favourite character was.  She said it was the dog.  Then we all went to get another book.  It was called "Bears Big Bottom".  Laura G read it.  After, Molly said that Bear was her favourite character.

We started to read "The Tooth Fairy".  We were very unfortunate because it was time to go back to class.  We said goodbye to Molly.  I loved today!

Victoria, 5th Class


Today, Miss Ferry told us we were reading to Junior Infants.  I was really happy.  We went down and Miss Ferry paired us up.  I was with Beibhinn and we were reading to a little girl called Isabelle.  She had picked a book called "You're too small".  I read it to her first.  She was so cute and very chatty.  She held my hand and kept hugging me. I wish she was my sister!. 

Next, Beibhinn read to her.  The book was called "Little Miss Tiny". 

I was sad when we had to leave but hopefully I will read to her again.

Alicia, 5th Class


When we came back in from break, I was very excited.  Before break time Ms Ferry had said there was a surprise waiting for us after break.  So we all came in and st down with excited faces.  Then Ms Ferry came in and said we were reading to Junior Infants!

Naomi and I were reading to a girl called Seana.  She was really cute.  The first book we read to her was a book about a mermaid.  It was a very good book.

Seana was shy, but I don't blame her!  We didn't get through the second book but we had great fun!

Claudia, 5th Class


Before little break, our teacher told us we were going on a surprise trip somewhere in the school.  Later on that day, we found out that we would be doing paired reading with the Junior Infants.

When I first walked into the room, I was a little nervous but after I found out that we were being put into partners I felt less nervous.  My partner was Aoife and we were paired with a little girls called Emily.  Emily was very nice but a bit shy.  She handed us a book to read.  We took turns reading the book and asked her a few questions about it.  Soon, she got a new book off the shelf.  This book was very funny and Emily liked it too.

When we had finished the book, it was time to go back to class.  We said goodbye to Emily and went back.  I really enjoyed reading to Emily today.

Lily, 5th Class

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