Newstalk & M.S. Readathon

Newstalk & M.S. Readathon
5th Class are interviewed by Newtalk about the M.S. Readathon
Monday, October 20, 2014 - 14:16


Henry who speaks on the radio for Newstalk came into our classroom to interview us on the M.S. Readathon that we do here in our school.

Henry arrived in shortly after big break and stayed for about forty-five minutes. Henry brought three girls with him. One of the girls, Ava, works in a company that helps people with M.S.

Henry went around the class and recorded the girls who wanted to speak. We talked about books we enjoy, about M.S., about the Readathon and why we like to read.

The three girls and Henry thought it was brilliant the way everyone enjoys reading and that we were all sponsored for the Readathon and we took part in it.

Before Henry left we all got a picture taken with all the books we had read.

Written by Karla Byrne, 5th Class