National Art Gallery 2017

National Art Gallery 2017
1st Class
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 09:05 - 10:20

We went to visit The National Gallery today. We saw the Children's exhibition which was Imagining Ireland in 2116. There were lots of colourful and exciting pictures that we really liked. We viewed the European Room also. We saw The Terrace by Paul Signac, this painting looks like lots of fingerprints, there is lots of colour and it is big. We saw Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat by Claude Monet, this painting was also in pastal colours and looked as if there were lots of brush strokes.
We saw The Goose Girl by Stanley Royle, we love this painting because we have a copy of one in our school! We viewed Stella in Flowered Hat by Kees Van Dongen, we thought she looked a bit like Mary Poppins and Marge out of the Simpsons!! We were so happy to see Still Life with a Madolin by Pablo Picasso, we painted these in school.
We were lucky enough to view some of the Caravaggio Exhibition also, some of the paintings looked so real like photographs, we noticed they were all quite dark but he painted light from candles and made the faces in the paintings light up. We were able to sit and do some colouring in the Gallery we really enjoyed ourselves.