Junior & Senior Infants School Tour

Junior & Senior Infants School Tour
Dublin Zoo
Friday, July 1, 2016 (All day)


Junior Infants visited Dublin Zoo on their School Tour.  Before we went to the Zoo we learnt about the different types of habitats the animals in the Zoo live in.  We discussed the rainforests, the deserts, the African plains and the animals that live there.  We decided to focus on the Rainforest, and the animals that lived in this habitat.  We chose three animals from the rainforest and decided to study these especially.  These animals were - The Sumatran Tiger, The Giant Indian Hornbill and the Golden Lion Tamarin.  These animals are endangered by poachers or other hazards and wildlife sanctuaries and charities around the world are working very hard to prevent their extinction.

When we arrived at the Zoo we met our tour guide who showed us the Flamingos, the Wolves and the Red Pandas.  The Red Pandas were full of mischief!  Afterwards he brought us to the Gorilla Rainforest where we spotted the Golden Lion Tamarins.  They were very playful!  We saw the Sumatran Tiger prancing about her enclosure and the Giant Indian Hornbill in the Reptile House.

Our favourite part of the school tour was lunchtime.  We had our lunch near the Kaziranga Forest Trail and as we began to eat our lunch the Elephants were being fed and we got to have our lunch together.  It was brilliant.  We learnt so much from our trip to the Zoo and we had great fun!

Junior Infants


On Thursday 19th May both Junior and Senior Infants went to Dublin Zoo. It was a very wet day but that didn't stop us having lots of fun. We were brought around the Zoo by a member of Staff who told us lots of interesting things about the Rainforests and the animals who live there. We even got to see the smallest monkey in the world! After the Rainforest experience we had lunch and looked around the rest of the Zoo before heading back to the bus, tired but happy!

Senior Infants