Imaginosity Trip for Engineering Week

Imaginosity Trip for Engineering Week
1st Class visit Imaginosity to learn about pneumatics
Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 10:00




First Class went to Imaginosity with Ms Aboud and Ms Kelly as part of Engineering Week.

We learnt all about air and how important it is in the world.  We did lots of experiments to see how air moves things.  We used a ball, a feather, a marshmallow and a piece of paper.  We blew through straws to see how air moves these things and which one moved the fastest.

There is lots of energy in moving air.  Windmills are a good example of how the energy from moving air can be harnessed.  Trapped air of pneumatics also has a lot of energy.  Pneumatics are used everyday in the world around us from air brakes in trucks and buses to bouncy castles.

We made "Box Monsters" to show how pneumatics work.  We tied half a straw inside a plastic bag and placed the bag inside the box.  We decorated the box to look like a monster's head.  Part of the straw was coming through the box.  When we blew through the straw the bag filled with air making the box lid open.  So it looked like a big monster's mouth opening.  It was so much fun!