Home Classroom

Home Classroom
1st Class
Friday, May 8, 2020 (All day)

Last week 1st class girls explored the many differences that Fruits and Vegetables have.The girls had a lovely presentation thanks to Esme's Mum, dietitian Aveen Bannon on what food could be used when tracking our challenge. The class each kept a Rainbow food diary tracking how many of these good food options they ate over the week. So many fun facts were shared and many brave girls tried things they had never tried before.

We also took a look at the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted incredible works inspired by the profession of his subjects. The girls, using fruits and vegetables and other appropriate props made their own faces incorporating as many different elements as possible. We even had a Librarian made solely out of books and paper.

Covid lockdown is hard at times but 1st class girls appetite for learning continues to flourish.