George Boyle the Ventriloquist visits

George Boyle the Ventriloquist visits
5th & 2nd Class
Friday, December 1, 2017 (All day)

On December 1st, George Boyle the ventriloquist and magician paid us a visit. He showed us amazing tricks like making two ropes into one and transferring cards into someones pocket! He took out Gerald, his really cool side-kick puppet. They sang songs, told jokes and had weird conversations together. Then he took out another puppet, Gerald's puppet, Fitzgerald. He was even weirder and funny and followed by Henry the mad macua bird. Gerald came back out again and answered our questions and I almost felt sorry for him-almost. It was great fun-but just remember things are not as they seem.

By Zoe 5th Class

P.S. My Granddad is not for sale-he's priceless!!