5th Class
Thursday, May 14, 2020 (All day)

The Smuggler’s Cave!

The sun filtered through the misty window that was in the upper part of the lighthouse. Outside, a narrow path ran down to a cliff edge. Bluebells and daffodils lined this pathway which heralded the start of spring. Anna excitedly dashed outside to greet her loving father who was the local lighthouse keeper. ‘Father, Cillian and I are going down to the beach to play,’ said Anna. ‘Ok Anna, but there is a heavy mist coming,’ informed Father. Cillian and Anna ran over the hills and down to the beach. They gathered their buckets and spades and began to dig a big hole. Cillian was older than Anna and his big hands pushed the spade in through soft sand. Anna peered down at the bottom of the hole, she noticed something shining in the sunlight. ‘Stop! There is a baby starfish!’ Anna shouted. Cillian halted to a stop. They lifted the baby starfish and placed it on a rock beside the sea. ‘It is starting to get dark,’ Anna said as the black clouds loomed in the sky.
‘Should we start to make our way home?’ asked Cillian.
‘I suppose so’ Anna said reluctantly.

Suddenly they heard shouting and splashing coming from the water. They looked up and saw that the lighthouse was flashing; it blinded their eyes when they tried to look at the big yellow light. The light lit up a small red fishing boat in the distance. There were two large men in the boat and they were wearing black clothes, which made it quite hard for Anna and Cillian to see them. Within minutes the two men were only metres away from them. Quickly they hid behind a rock, petrified that they’d be seen. The swelling of the sea swept the two men to shore. They clambered out, hauling a large wooden box behind them. ‘What’s in this box?’ Anna wondered, as the two men brought it into Crag’s Cave. They must be hiding something precious, something valuable! The two men then pulled, with all their strength, a big rock over the cave. ‘We’ll pick it up tomorrow morning,’ said the man with the scruffy beard. They fled towards a big jeep that was waiting for them in the darkness.

In the distance a small lantern lit up the hillside. It was Father running frantically towards them. He had seen the boat from the lighthouse and he knew that there was something suspicious about these travellers. ‘Father!’ Anna exclaimed. ‘We are so happy to see you!’ said Cillian. They brought Father into Crag’s Cave. The light from father’s lantern shone on the brown wooden chest. Anna lifted the lid and there in front of her shone beautiful diamonds and pearls of the most exquisite kind. ‘These have to have been stolen!’ gasped Father. ‘Of course, the Dresden Museum Raid!’ Father called the Gardaí immediately. This world news had reached the tiny village of Ballybunion and they had solved it!                    By Laura