Ecology Trip

Ecology Trip
Eco trip to Merrion Square
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 10:42

Friday 7th February our class went on an ecology trip to Merrion Square.  We met our guide, Catherine and set off to the park.  Catherine asked us to use our sense of hearing to listen to the sounds of the various wild animals and creatures that surrounded us. 

We played a game in pairs.  One of us put on a blindfold and the other acted as the guide.  The guide spun their blindfolded partner around and then led them to a nearby tree.  They had to feel and smell the tree.  The guide then guided her partner back to the center and the blindolf was removed.  They had to try to locate the tree which they had been led to based on the memory they had created using the senses of touch and smell.

After switching the roles, we then gathered in a circle around Catherine.  She produced a ball of string and began to tell us about food chains.  We spoke about how food chains interconnect to form food webs.  We used the ball of string to form a food web, passing the ball to differnt classmates representing a different link in the chain, eg sun-grass-rabbits-fox-maggots-birds etc.

After that we took part in the final exercise; finding and collecting insects from the park habitat.  Catherine gave us a piece of equipment called a "pooter".  It was made up of a bottle and two straws.  We had to point one straw towards the insect we wanted to collect, and we sucked in through the other straw.  A piece of gauze prevented us from sucking the insect into our mouths!

It was then time to return to school.  We received a packet of cards, and we had to categorise them into things that we "need" and things that we "want".  We also discussed the importance of water.  It was very interesting.