Eco-Unesco Trip

Eco-Unesco Trip
2nd Class visit Merrion Square

On the 3rd of March 2nd Class went on a nature walk with Roberto Bellini of Eco Unesco to Merrion Square Park.
First we saw Holly trees. Then we got into a circle and closed our eyes and listened to everything that we could hear and the things that we could feel. Then we played a game where Roberto told us to get something in teams, we had to get something prickly. I got a leaf from the Holly tree. My friend Roisin got a hard piece of wood and brought it back to school.
We saw four statues of soldiers and a lit fire in the middle of them. We saw a statue of Oscar Wilde. We saw Father Ted's chair and some of us sat on it.We played a game where some of us were a frog, some were snakes and the others were eagles. The snakes eat the frogs and the eagles eat the snakes! It was so much fun!

By Annie