Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust
Jake the rescue dog visits the Junior School
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 10:06



Jake the boxer dog came to visit us with his owner Fiona. Jake is a rescue dog from Dogs Trust. Fiona works at Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust look after dogs when they have no home or owner. You should never go up to a dog if it is not with its owner.

Fiona taught us about WALT
Walk slowly up in front of a dog because if you go behind a dog you might get a fright.
Ask the dog’s owner can you pet their dog.
Let the dog sniff your hand. Remember to use your safe hand, cover your fingers and let the dog sniff your hand.
Touch the dog gently.

Never judge a dog by its looks. It might look happy but if could be grumpy and looking for water. If you are afraid of a dog and it jumps on you, Fiona showed us how to stand still covering our fingers and making our arms into an x-factor sign.

Dogs are very scared at Halloween because of the noise of the fireworks so if you turn the radio on it helps them. You don’t dress a dog up for Halloween and you never ask for a dog as a present because they are not toys! Dogs need to eat and be brought on walks twice a day. Dogs need lots of love and care.

Written by 1st Class.