Author Visit

Author Visit
2nd & 3rd Classes
Monday, March 4, 2019 (All day)

On Monday, Alan Nolan came to visit 2nd and 3rd class. He is an author and an illustrator. He is a very funny man. When Alan was young he was surrounded by books. His Dad loved reading so much that their toilet, tv room and most of their house was full of books, even the fridge!
Alan has written 14 books. One of them is called Sam Hannigan’s Woof Week. It’s about a girl who is brain swapped into a dogs body for a week. He based his new book ‘Rockstar Granny’ on his own Granny Gig. Rockstar Granny is one of the books you can get free with your voucher for World Book Week. Happy Reading!

Written by Amy, Chloe and Eleanor