Army Band

Army Band
4th & 5th Class
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 (All day)

 On the 11th of September 4th and 5th were invited to CUS to see the No.1 Army Band. When we got there the atmosphere was great and all the younger boys and girls were sitting on the floor. We filed in, sat on the floor and the older boys came in behind us. Suddenly the band started to play and gave everyone a shock! The conductor welcomed us and there was a round of applause. He then took us through the different sections and instruments of the band and he explained a little about each.

The Conductor explained that there were five different groups of instruments but that they only had two of the five from the Woodwind family. He introduced the flute, clarinet and the piccolo. First up was the flute. The Flautist bragged a little about being the best member of the band! He played his solo and everyone clapped. Then it was the turn of the piccolo which was the smallest instrument and it had the highest sound in the Band. The piccolo played its solo and the band all played a song where you could mainly hear the flute and the piccolo. Next up was the clarinet and for their solo the band played the theme song from 'Harry Potter'. We loved that!
Then it was the turn of the Brass family. We heard the French Horn, who played the theme from 'Jaws' for its solo. The musician also ran around the room at the same time pretending to be shark. We all laughed. Next were the trumpets who played the theme from 'Star Wars'. The largest brass instrument in the Band was the tuba it played a few notes and had the lowest sound.
As the concert was coming to an end the whole band played 'Desposito' by Luis Fonsi and Justin Beiber. The conductor felt that he needed some help so he chose boys and girls from both schools to help him. It was great fun to watch the different styles of conducting! The Army Band's final song was 'On Top Of The World' and we all joined in. We all had a great day.
By Zoe and Faye (5th Class)