5th Class School Tour

5th Class School Tour
Causey Farm
Friday, May 25, 2018 (All day)

The bus left our school at 8.45am. The journey was quite long as there was heavy traffic but we entertained ourselves and our driver with some fabulous singing! When we arrived, we were greeted by our leaders, Conor and Orla. We were starving after our journey so the first thing we did was to have a little snack. We then headed off to the farmyard to see the animals. Our first stop was the sheep. We got so close to them but they became a little frightened so we went back to Conor and Orla. We then paid a visit to the donkeys, chickens and a goat. Some of us fed grass to the donkeys.

When we finished looking at the animals we went back to change into our old clothes because next we were going to the .............. BOG! This was to be the highlight of our trip! We travelled to the bog in a trailer pulled by a tractor. It wasn’t that long of a ride but it felt like forever because we were all so excited. We sang songs and howls of laughter could be heard ringing through the air.

We took off our shoes and socks and cautiously entered the bog. It felt very weird at first so we all started on the shallow part but when we became braver we decided to jump off the small hill into the deep part of the bog. It was sooo much fun. Some of us got stuck in the bog but that was the best part. When we were finished we were all very dirty.
We changed quickly when we got back to the farm. When we were ready we all had something else to eat because we were starving again. After lunch we all said our goodbyes to Conor and Orla. Then we got back on the bus. This was one of our best school tours ever! Thank you Miss Walsh for bringing us!

By Ciara and Dara