5th Class girls teach Science

5th Class girls teach Science
Senior Infants
Friday, May 5, 2017 - 10:50 - 11:30

Six girls from 5th Class become science teachers and do an experiment with Senior Infants.

In groups of 3's we talk about what is a solid in the room and what is a liquid. We get the little ones to measure 2 cups of cornflour carefully into a bowl and then 1 girl adds 1 cup of water and the "teacher" adds a drop of green food colouring. Each girl mixes with their hands. It feels really weird! We can roll it into a ball really fast and it gets hard but then when we stop it goes all gooey like a liquid! It is alot of fun doing this over and over and the room gets very messy!

We all tidy up together-our hands are still green like Princess Fiona from Shrek! Ms Kelly tells us this will wash out after lots more washing but we think it is cool.

Thank you to 5th Class.