4th Class Tour

4th Class Tour
Rathbeggan Lakes
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 (All day)

On the 22nd of May 4th class went on their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes. When we arrived we went on a Fairy Trail walk. We each made a special wish into a magic postbox. At the end of the fairy trail there was an obstacle course which had beams, ropes and poles. We had great fun overcoming the obstacles.
When we got to the lake we all went on the Swan Boats, pedal boats in the shape of swans.
We all took turns peddling and steering. After everyone got a turn on the Swan Boats we went over to the amazing Water Bubbles. Two people went in a (plastic) bubble together and they got around ten minutes to roll around and tumble on the water.
About half an hour later we all sat down on benches and ate our lunch and searched for ducks that we had seen earlier in the morning. There was a problem with very cheeky crows swooping down and grabbing our lunches. Luckily we had been warned to hide our food!
After our lunch we went over to the Petting Farm and the Bouncy Castles. There were 10 bouncy castles and they were all different colours and sizes. We had fun bouncing and sliding down the slides. Then we were asked to come over and feed the animals. There were chickens, roosters, a peacock, rabbits, geese, sheep and a goat. Early in the morning a gosling had hatched . He was very cute but we couldn't see him very well because his father, the goose was very protective even refusing food to protect his young and the gander.
Exhausted but happy we arrived back at school at 2.30pm
We all had so much fun at Rathbeggan Lakes.

By Lucy & Reine