4th Class History Tour

4th Class History Tour
Trip to The History Museum
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 09:17 - 11:18


When we arrived at themuseum we walked straight into the main room in the museum.  We had a quicklook around adn then we saw the Treasury Exhibition. I thought that it was amazing.  We saw The Tara Brooch, The Ardagh Chalice, The Cross of Cong and some ogham stones with ogham writing from Celtic times on them.  The Ardagh Chalice was amazing and had so much detail!  And the Bronze Horn was really long and we also saw some treasure boxes.

Then we went into the next room and we saw the ogham stones and some ripped up pages from the Faddan More Psalter. 

Finally my favourite was the bog bodies.  We saw real bodies that were buried in the groud hundreds of years ago.  It was gross and interesting all at the same time.

We had a great trip to the museum.

Maia, 5th Class