4th Class History

4th Class History
Visit to Padraig Pearse Museum
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 09:10 - 12:30

We had a tour of Padraig Pearse's school in Rathfarnham. The tour lady told us lots-his Dad, James was a sculptor who was British and moved to Ireland as there was a big demand for churches and he could get good money for his work. We saw a butcher block table where Robert Emmets body had been beheaded and Bram Stoker also had once owned the same table. We saw a portable bathroom with a mirror, sink and press underneath with two chamber pots. Then we went into the boys dormitory. It was very cosy with lots of beds, a big fireplace and a locker beside each bed. Then we went to the Halla Mor where a few girls played Mrs Bloomers piano. Lastly we visited the new museum in the basement which has lots of artifacts. The two I liked were the last cup he drank tea from and the letter he wrote to his mother before he was executed.

We ate a snack in the park and then got the bus back to school. It was a great day.

By Honor