3rd Class History

3rd Class History
St Patrick's Cathedral
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 13:00 - 14:43

I walked to St Patrick's Cathedral with my class, Ms Neenan and Ms Kelly. We were joined by our tour guide. We talked about stained glass windows and how much we knew about St Patrick. Then we moved on to talking about the Butlers and the Fitzgeralds. How they were having a big fight for no big reason. Gerald Fitzgerald did not want to fight anymore so he got an axe and cut a hole in the door and put his hand in and said to the Butlers that if they did believe him to shake his hand but if not they could cut it off! Thankfully they shook hands. That is where the phrase "Chancing your arm " comes from.

After that she told us about Johnathan Swift and how he would talk in the cathedral for 4 hours and when people fell asleep he would whack then with a stick!!

We then made stained glass windows using plastic, glue and coloured crepe paper. In groups of six we picked a topic. Ours was Halloween and I did a big pumpkin.

By Molly-3rd Class