3rd class Engineering

3rd class Engineering
Marsh's Library
Monday, February 26, 2018 - 09:30 - 11:00

Third class went to Marsh’s Library for engineering week. There were ten stations set out in the library for us to complete. We got into groups of 2 or 3 and were given a clipboard and pencil. We had three minutes to complete each stage. There were also bonus questions for extra points. At three stations there was a mystery card and if you answered that, you got more points. It was really fun and challenging.
Station one: There was a straw with two plastic rings at each end. One small and the other was twice its size. You had to throw the straw and see if it travelled further when you threw it by the small plastic end or the big plastic end.
Station two: You had to figure out how to make a toy car move from the start line to the garage without using your hands. We were given straws and balloons to help us.
Station three: Shapes. Board containing a lego man. Make the lego man move in the correct pattern.
Station four: Build a structure using DNA pieces.
Station five: Magnets. Test varying metals using a magnet.
Station six: Building a free standing structure from cups and pieces of cardboard.
Station seven: Identifying words inside a homemade pinhole camera.
Station eight: Cracking codes using electricity.
Station nine: Lego. Build a structure from lego matching the instructions given.
Station ten: Construction. Building an arch out of huge foam pieces.

By Alice and Neasa