1st & 2nd Class School Tour

1st & 2nd Class School Tour
Fort Lucan
Thursday, May 24, 2018 (All day)

We went to Fort Lucan. It was in Lucan. It looked like a fort.
I went on the zip-line. Harriet and Isabelle were playing together. We had such a good time. We went on the go-karts about seven or eight times. Harriet didn’t like it. (I think because she kept on moaning).
Ms Buchan gave me two tickets and I gave one to Sorcha. We went on to the green slide. I screamed my head off. Sorcha didn’t. The man that was up there let us keep our tickets so me and Sorcha went onto the blue slide. I went at the front.
After that we got an ice-cream from Miss Sisk. I had to wolf it down before we got on the bus.

By Clíodhna  

We went to Fort Lucan on Thursday. We went on the bus there. It was a very long drive but the way back was OK.
I went on the go-karts. There was a five year old go-kart. I went on the seven year old go-kart and I tried the five year old one. It was so sore because it scraped my knee. After that I went on the zip line with Caoimhe. Eva went on them as well. Everybody had lunch. I had a Kinder bar for my lunch.
We got tickets for the waterslide. I was so excited. I went down with Cate on the blue waterslide and it had a top on it. It was shiny blue. Cate was so scared about it but I said “it will be OK. Put your elbow out to the side.” The line for the slides was so long. We had to wait for ages and ages. I went on the green slide and it went straight down and there was a bump to land on. Clíodhna went down it. She was screaming her head off. It was so scary because she doesn’t like straight down water slides . After that she was OK. I didn’t want to go down the red slide because it was so slow. I loved the journey. On the way there Isabelle was my partner. On the way back Cate was my partner. We sat in the front of the bus.
By Emily